Portable Shed Row Horse Barns

10 FT Shed Row Horse Barn

10 FT Shed Row

Shed Row Horse Barn 12 FT

12 FT Shed Row

Many of us are blessed with a home where we can relax, decompress, have our quiet moments and, most importantly, escape a cruel world with its cold snaps, rain, sleet, snow, etc. Without a home of some kind, life just isn’t healthy.

Our horses deserve a healthy life too, which is why Deer Creek Stables proudly offers portable shed row horse barns for sale; it is a way to give the horses on your ranch the healthy life that they deserve.

These portable shed row horse barns come in two sizes – 10 FT and 12 FT. They are great for any kind of horse and, made with hardworking American craftsmanship, will last you a lifetime. Contact Deer Creek Stables to get yours today!