Custom Barns and Prefab Cabins in Houston, TX

Contact us for custom barns, prefab cabins, run in sheds, and more in Houston, Texas!

Deer Creek Structures offers free delivery up to 200 miles from our location on prefab cabins, barns and run-in sheds.

Custom Barns

Free Shipping to Houston

Looking for a custom barn made and shipped to you in Houston or the surrounding area? We have you covered. Whether its the size of the barn, type of roof, siding, floors, windows, doors, and more, we will give you a wide variety of options and build the barn to your liking.

Head over to our custom built barn page and fill out the form with all our options to get a custom quote on your dream barn today!

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Custom Aisle Barns

Barns, Sheds & Cabins in Stock

Pre-built 12-Foot Cabins
The 12-foot prefab cabins would be ideal for you. They are designed to give you just enough space to maneuver around when you are working on your land or enjoying a hunting trip in the Houston area.

Prefab 14-Foot Cabins
These prefab cabins are designed to provide you with extra space and storage, regardless of whether you plan to use it for relaxation or work-related purposes. You can add this next to your Houston home or out in the middle of a field to provide simple protection from the elements and the extra space you need.

Portable 16-Foot Cabins
Those looking for the largest prefab cabins in Houston will be delighted by the 16-foot portable cabin options. They can provide you with plenty of additional storage space or room to get work done, or serve as additional living quarters for your family. You will love the roominess of these prefab cabins.

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