Portable Structures in Stock & Delivered

Would you like to add a cabin, barn, shed or chicken coop to your property quickly? See our available structures that are on hand currently. Contact us to build any that you would like for your property that isn’t in stock.

Cabins In Stock

Deer Creek Structures is always more than happy to build you a structure from the ground up designed to your exact specifications. However, they also have a large selection of portable horse barns in stock at all times. You can order one today and have it set up on your property in no time so you can start taking advantage of it immediately. Look below and complete the contact form with the structure of interest to get started.

Sheds In Stock

  • 12x48 Shedrow Barn

    12×48 Shedrow

    3- 12×12 Stalls

    12×12 Tack/feed room

    12′ Overhang

    Metal Roof

    Dutch doors in back of stall

    PRICE: $ $41,026.00 + tax
    12x48 Shedrow Barn

Barns In Stock

  • 10x20 Run-in Shed

    10×20 Run-in area

    White Metal Roof

    Gray Stain

    Oak kickboard

    PRICE: $ $9,119 + tax
    10x20 Run-in Shed
  • 10x12 Run-in Shed

    10×12 Run-in area

    10′ Opening

    Natural cypress siding

    Oak kickboard

    30-year Shingles


    PRICE: $ $5,932 + tax
    10x12 Run-in Shed
  • 10x16 Run-in Shed

    10×16 run-in shed

    6′ tack room

    Cypress siding (Natural)

    Oak Kick board

    Galvalume metal roof

    Pecan Stain

    PRICE: $ $9,435 + tax
    10x16 Run-in Shed
  • 10x26 Run-in Shed

    10×26 Run-in Shed

    Oak Kickboard

    6′ Tack room

    Cypress siding

    Galvalume Metal Roof

    Walnut Stain

    PRICE: $ $12,587 + tax
    10x26 Run-in Shed

Chicken Coops

  • 6x8 Chicken Coop

    Galvalume siding
    4- gang nest box
    6′ roost bar
    small chicken door
    24″ entry door
    Free Delivery within 25 miles

    3 available

    PRICE: $ $1,875.00 + tax
    6x8 Chicken Coop
  • 6x8 Chicken Coop

    Cedar Siding

    4- Gang nest box

    2- 4′ Roost bars

    Small chicken door

    24″ Entry door

    Free delivery within 25 miles

    PRICE: $ $2,295.00 + tax
    6x8 Chicken Coop
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