Tick Control in Horses: What You Need to Know

Taking your horse out for walks and rides and allowing them time to roam around your pasture is an essential aspect of horse care. Unfortunately, this time spent exploring outdoors leaves your horse vulnerable to a few additional health risks—and ticks are one of the worst! Educating yourself on the best tick prevention methods and… Read more »

Freshen Up Your Cabin with These Spring Cleaning Tips

The temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping again, which can only mean one thing—spring has finally sprung! If you’re a cabin owner, you can finally open up your favorite getaway again (or go back to enjoying it in the warm weather and sunshine). Whether you closed your cabin for the winter… Read more »

5 Things to Know for Raising Chickens in Winter

Whether you’re raising them for meat, eggs, or just for fun, it’s important for everybody who keeps backyard chickens to understand that it’s a year-round job! The health and happiness of your flock should always be your top priority, which means you need to know how to care for them in every season. As a… Read more »

Creative Storage Solutions for Your Horse Barn

A well-organized horse barn is essential to ensure smooth daily operations and the safety of both horses and handlers. A cluttered barn can pose risks and hinder the overall functionality of the space. By incorporating efficient storage solutions, you can transform a cluttered barn into a streamlined haven for both you and your horses! Here… Read more »

How to Introduce a New Horse to Your Herd

As you expand your farm, you may need to introduce new livestock into your barn. The good news for horse owners is that horses are social animals that tend to prefer being part of a herd. However, this does not mean that you can simply add a new horse to your existing group without considering… Read more »

Preparing Your Horses for the Cold Months of Winter

proactive steps to ensure their equine companions are comfortable, healthy, and well-cared for in the chilly weather. Here are a few essential tips for preparing your horses for winter’s challenges. Assess and Adjust Diet Winter can be challenging for horses as their bodies require more energy to maintain body heat. To help your horse cope… Read more »

Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Horse Barn

The holiday season is a time of joy and festivity, and what better way to spread the cheer than by decorating your horse barn? Bringing a touch of the holiday spirit to your equine’s home brightens up the space and makes every day at the barn a festive experience. Here are some creative and safe… Read more »

Tips on Creating a Comfortable Living Space for Senior Horses

As horses get older, their needs change. Just like we modify our living spaces to ensure the comfort of our elderly family members, it’s crucial to adjust the living spaces of our senior equine friends to meet their changing needs. Here are some helpful tips on creating a comfortable and caring environment for your senior… Read more »

Weatherproofing Horse Barns: Tips for All Seasons

It is crucial to ensure that a horse barn is properly weatherproofed to ensure the safety and well-being of the horses living in it, as well as the longevity of the structure itself. Weather conditions during different seasons can pose unique challenges, from hot summers to freezing winters. Luckily, there are some effective measures that… Read more »

Common Horse Diet Myths Busted

Equine nutrition is a complicated field that can lead to misconceptions about horse well-being. A proper diet is pivotal in maintaining a horse’s health and ensuring their strength, vitality, and overall happiness. Over the years, numerous myths have evolved, causing confusion and unintentional diet imbalances. This post aims to debunk some of the most prevalent… Read more »