What is Equine Therapy: An Overview

If you’re familiar with horses, you already know what incredible creatures they are. So, it is no surprise that medical professionals have recognized the many physical and psychological benefits individuals experience when building a relationship with one. In fact, there’s a therapy that strategically uses the synergy between humans and horses to change the lives of… Read more »

A Closer Look at Working Horses

Before major machinery innovations such as automobiles, tractors, and threshers, the American people relied on horses for much of their labor needs. While it’s more common to associate horses with hobby-like activities nowadays, they have remained important members of the working world! Let’s look at a few ways these impressive creatures contribute to modern-day society… Read more »

4 Budgeting Tips for Horse Owners

Owning a horse is a fun and rewarding experience for animal lovers. Of course, as a horse owner, it’s important to ensure your horse receives consistent, quality care to keep it happy and healthy. It can be a rather expensive endeavor after factoring in food, satisfactory housing, boarding, and cleaning supplies, veterinary bills, and the other… Read more »

Prevent Horses from Getting Summer Sores

Summer brings with it not just warmth and sunshine but also a few challenges for horse owners, particularly the risk of summer sores. These sores, medically called habronemiasis, are skin lesions caused by the larvae of stomach worms, which flies carry. These parasites can create significant discomfort for horses and lead to infections if not… Read more »

Can Horses Have Allergies?

Most of us can agree that allergies are one of the more annoying and inconvenient health issues we have had to learn to deal with, especially during the changing seasons. You might wonder from time to time if your horse is susceptible to the same hypersensitive reactions that we are—and the answer is yes! While… Read more »

3 Qualities of a Healthy Horse Barn

As a horse owner, it’s your job to ensure your horse is happy and healthy in a safe and nurturing environment. Along with routine care for your horse—grooming, exercise, bonding, feeding—the biggest factor in your horse’s health will be its living conditions. Once you’ve invested in a high-quality horse barn or shed, you need to ensure… Read more »

Tick Control in Horses: What You Need to Know

Taking your horse out for walks and rides and allowing them time to roam around your pasture is an essential aspect of horse care. Unfortunately, this time spent exploring outdoors leaves your horse vulnerable to a few additional health risks—and ticks are one of the worst! Educating yourself on the best tick prevention methods and… Read more »

Freshen Up Your Cabin with These Spring Cleaning Tips

The temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping again, which can only mean one thing—spring has finally sprung! If you’re a cabin owner, you can finally open up your favorite getaway again (or go back to enjoying it in the warm weather and sunshine). Whether you closed your cabin for the winter… Read more »

5 Things to Know for Raising Chickens in Winter

Whether you’re raising them for meat, eggs, or just for fun, it’s important for everybody who keeps backyard chickens to understand that it’s a year-round job! The health and happiness of your flock should always be your top priority, which means you need to know how to care for them in every season. As a… Read more »

Creative Storage Solutions for Your Horse Barn

A well-organized horse barn is essential to ensure smooth daily operations and the safety of both horses and handlers. A cluttered barn can pose risks and hinder the overall functionality of the space. By incorporating efficient storage solutions, you can transform a cluttered barn into a streamlined haven for both you and your horses! Here… Read more »