New Mexico Portable Run-in Sheds Delivered

Are you leaving your horses exposed to the elements when they’re running around outside? This could lead to health problems and make your horses uncomfortable if you’re not careful. Deer Creek Structures has portable run-in sheds to serve as a solution to this problem.

Made using cypress siding and other durable materials, the 8-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot run-in sheds in New Mexico available through Deer Creek Structures will give your horses a place to go when the weather takes a turn for the worst. They’ll also give you the freedom to move your run-in shed around as you see fit. We have delivered to Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe and more.

Starting at $2095

New Mexico Run In Shed Sizes & Features

Our New Mexico Run In Sheds Come Standard With

  • 30 yr. Architectural Shingles
  • Siding – -Cypress board and batten Standard
  • 1″x8″x4′ high oak kickboard
  • 7/16″ OSB Roof Overhang

We also understand that you need your run in she to work for you and the specifics of your operations. That’s why we also offer a selection of optional features to make your shed more unique and to match with the needs of your horse farm or ranch.  Our add-on options include:

  • Overhangs for spacious work area
  • Added Weather Protection
  • Extra Doors
  • Vents
  • Extra Windows
  • Cupolas and Weather Vanes.

We also offer convenient onsite construction and sealing and staining services to ensure your barn lasts for years to come. Free delivery is also included in your purchase price to locations within 300 miles of our headquarters in Chilton, Texas.

Portable Run In Shed Sizes

8-Foot Run-In Sheds

The 8-foot portable run-in sheds from Deer Creek Structures are designed for those who keep just one or two horses on their property. They’ll give your horses plenty of room to relax after stepping out of the sun, rain, or wind. You’ll also find it to be incredibly easy to pick one of these run-in sheds in New Mexico up and put it down elsewhere.

10-Foot Run-In Horse Sheds

Those who have more than just a horse or two will want to provide their horses with more space when they step inside a run-in shed. The 10-foot portable run-in sheds from Deer Creek Structures are a much better option for these horse owners. They’ve got the room your horses will need to shield themselves from the weather at a moment’s notice.

12-Foot Horse Sheds

If the 8-foot and 10-foot run-in sheds from Deer Creek Structures aren’t quite large enough for your New Mexico property, a 12-foot run-in shed should certainly live up to your expectations. As you would guess, these portable run-in sheds have lots of extra space and can accommodate larger groups of horses. At the same time, they’re as easy to move around as the smaller models and prove to be every bit as portable as you need.

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What More Does Deer Creek Structures Build?

Portable Run In Horse Sheds Delivered to New Mexicao

In addition to offering three standard run-in shed sizes, Deer Creek Structures can also customize portable run-in sheds in New Mexico. Simply let them know the size you want, and they’ll get right to work on building one for you. Reach out to Deer Creek Structures at 254-546-2276 today to see how simple it is to have a horse shed delivered.

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