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Five Tips for a Healthy Horse

Horse owners usually have a lot invested in their animals, both financially and emotionally, and they want their horses to be as healthy as possible. Keeping with a horse’s veterinary and farrier visits, vaccinations and medical records can be a lot to manage. Here are five tips from HorseChannel.com to keeping your horses happy and… Read more »

Natural Competition: Using Wasps to Fight Flies

Flies are huge nuisances to horses, and unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of highly effective options available to farmers and ranchers to prevent these pests from bothering their horses. Fly screens and nets can be useful, but are often uncomfortable and unsettling to many horses, but as an article posted by Entomology Today points out,… Read more »

Creating an Unbreakable Bond With Your Horse

When you bring home a new horse, you can’t just expect them to trust you and do as you say. Instead, you must form a bond with them that will foster that trust as well as loyalty. If you are unsure how to do this with your horse, here are a few tips. Get to… Read more »

Horse Grooming Tips

There are many important aspects that go along with caring for a horse, least of which is grooming. Unlike many animals, horses aren’t great at grooming themselves, so the help of a human friend is always appreciated. While there are many tools and methods available for horse grooming, there are a few essential steps you… Read more »