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Reading Equine Body Language: Subtle Signs Every Horse Owner Should Recognize

For many, horses represent grace, strength, and a strong sense of companionship. However, just like any other relationship, having a deeper understanding of your horse often comes down to communication. Horses mainly rely on body language to convey their emotions, unlike humans. Being able to identify these cues can significantly strengthen the connection between the… Read more »

Tips to Help Soothe an Anxious Horse

When a horse is anxious or agitated, it’s usually for a very good reason – they’re not like humans who get mad or angry or upset because their emotions get the best of them. If a horse is anxious, there was probably a noise or a sensation that they experienced that set them off, or… Read more »

Reasons for Horse Behavior Problems

Horses bring a great deal of joy to many people. Even those who do not keep horses often enjoy watching or riding these noble, intelligent animals. Horse behavior problems can be a stressful and frustrating interruption to an otherwise enjoyable pastime, but it is important to remember that behavior problems may be a sign that… Read more »