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Tips for Giving Your Senior Horse the Best Quality of Life

It can be difficult to watch a beloved horse grow older and slowly decline. If you are facing the tough decision of whether to retire your mature horse, there are a few options to consider first. According to Dr. Karyn Malinowski, an equine extension specialist at Rutgers University, many horses can continue to be active… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Horse in 2016

On the days leading up to the New Year, we hope you spent some much-needed time reflecting – reflecting on your life, but also the horses in your life. Did you do your best making their lives the best they can possibly be? Maybe you utilized horse barns, shed row barns, run in sheds, and… Read more »

Nutritional Tips for Horses

If you’re responsible for an animal, it’s up to you to ensure they are as healthy as possible. As people, we have the choice to eat what we want, and we alone deal with the consequences. Whether you eat as healthily as possible or you prefer to skip vegetables for some extra dessert, you get… Read more »