Tag: How to Care for Your Horse In the Winter

Preparing Your Horses for the Cold Months of Winter

proactive steps to ensure their equine companions are comfortable, healthy, and well-cared for in the chilly weather. Here are a few essential tips for preparing your horses for winter’s challenges. Assess and Adjust Diet Winter can be challenging for horses as their bodies require more energy to maintain body heat. To help your horse cope… Read more »

How to Take Care of Horses During the Winter

Cold weather, snow, and ice can make life difficult for horse owners while providing care to their animals. Horse owners in frigid winter climates are often forced to navigate through mounds of snow to reach their stable. This can make taking care of and exercising your horse much more strenuous. Additionally, horse owners worry about… Read more »

Winter Horse Care Tips

Winter is coming, and although Texas has relatively mild winter temperatures, you will need to make adjustments to the care you provide your horses as the season changes. Deer Creek Structures strongly recommends making seasonal changes to help you and your horse better face the winter season together. Stock Up On Winter Horse Essentials Food… Read more »