Prefabricated aisle barns are one of the most convenient structures you can have for your cattle or livestock ranching or farming operation.

Portable Horse Aisle Barns

Featuring a center path with stalls and storage spaces on either side, these aisle barns are the classic barn that most people think of when envisioning a barn.

As a horse owner, breeder or rancher, you know this already, but may be looking to expand your operations or replace an old and dilapidated barn.


Aisle Barn Examples

Our pre-built aisle horse barns are built to last

The aisle barns come with a range of standard and optional features to make sure that they offer all of the conveniences and amenities that you’re looking for.

All aisle barns come standard with:

  • 10- or 12-foot center aisles
  • 30-year architectural shingles in your choice of colors
  • Cypress board and batten siding
  • 5/8-inch plywood flooring

Looking to customize your aisle barn to make it more convenient?

No problem! Choose from this full range of custom options and add-ons:

  • Dutch doors leading outside on the back of each stall
  • Additional service doors or sliding doors
  • Extra windows or ventilation
  • Custom additional partitions
  • Metal roofing optional
  • Cupolas and weather vanes to customize the look

When you order an aisle barn from Deer Creek Structures, you also have the option to choose on-site construction or sealing and staining service, meaning you can have your horse aisle barn built and finished fast.

We also include delivery to locations within 300 miles of our Chilton, Texas facility.

Find out more about our aisle barns and other structures or place an order for your new outbuilding by giving us a call at 254-546-2276 today.