With a portable horse run in shed you can shelter your horses anywhere you need with the freedom to move the shed across the ranch.

8x10-Run-In Sheds for Horses

Deer Creek Stable’s 8 ft portable run in horse sheds are the ideal solution, giving your horses shelter from the wind, rain and cold while also giving them free room to run.

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Price Starts At: $2,095.00

Whether you own one prized horse or a collection of racing, breeding, or riding horses, all of your animals need a place to be safe from the elements and time to exercise.


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Your horse or horses will have plenty of room inside the shed to take shelter against the elements at any time.

A wide variety of features available allows you to customize your run-in horse shed to meet your needs.

  • With sizes as small as 8’x8’ and as large as 8’x24’ the portable sheds can be outfitted to accommodate one, two, or as many as a four horses at a time.
  • As only two or three horses at a time use the run-in shed, the shed may be used along runs with as many as ten horses.
  • Open on one side, the horses can come and go as needed, or trainers and riders can bring the horses in for brushing, feeding, tacking and health checks.

Barns and stables are ideal for keeping horses at night while run-in sheds may be used at any time. For horses that use the stable at night or during the day, or for horses that run free at any time, run-in sheds provide the perfect mix of shelter and openness.

When horses are running free and rain, high winds, frost and other inclement weather endangers the field, the horses can take shelter in the run-in shed.

Open on one side and sheltered on three sides, the shed blocks the wind, rain and cold without keeping horses closed in.  With additional features for a tack and feed room, your run-in shed can double as a shelter and feeding or preparation area.

All horse tack can be kept inside the run-in shed where horses will become familiar with the items and they can be easily reached for everyday use.

  • This is particularly useful for horses that are adjusting to saddles, bridles, reins, bits and other harnesses, as they can be easily found and used during riding or training sessions.

Made from cypress wood, the portable run-in horse sheds are naturally resistant to mold, mildew, insect damages and rot. The wood siding and architectural shingles also provide an appealing, rustic appearance to match your ranch, verses aluminum or other metal portable models. The wood construction is also safer for the horse.

Deer Creek Structures eliminates any sharp edges where the horse could rub against or kick.

Cypress wood is also hard enough to endure kicks from heavy hooves and will continue to stand strong. Deer Creek Structures constructs each model with the needs of their own horses in mind, so each shed is built to give the horses a safe and comfortable space.

  • The doors are wide enough to allow horses to run through freely as others move in, so there are no disputes over space and the horses do not injure each other as they use the shed.
  • With different sizes available, you can select a design that best suits the number of horses that you have, the breed or the temperament.
  • More aggressive, territorial or energetic horses may be better suited to a larger and more separate space, while other more docile, friendly or group-oriented horses may require less space.
  • Large draft horses or warmbloods may also require a larger space with fewer horses in the field.

Run-in sheds are also ideal for mothers and foals, where they can each stay out of the elements without being separated in a stall. If you prefer to keep spaces in your run-in shed separate for training or sheltering purposes, Deer Creek Structures will add a partition at your request.

See the many other features available for your portable run-in shed and see the sizes available.

Deer Creek Structures builds and ships portable sheds to ranches, families and horse owners across Texas and neighboring states.

You can also arrange to have your shed constructed at your ranch. For more information, contact Deer Creek Structures or order your shed with your design preferences effortlessly online.