Tag: Common Horse Health Problems

Prevent Horses from Getting Summer Sores

Summer brings with it not just warmth and sunshine but also a few challenges for horse owners, particularly the risk of summer sores. These sores, medically called habronemiasis, are skin lesions caused by the larvae of stomach worms, which flies carry. These parasites can create significant discomfort for horses and lead to infections if not… Read more »

Horses Can Catch Colds Too: Here’s What You Need to Know

As winter begins to set in and us humans gear up to stay healthy this cold and flu season, horse owners may wonder if their horses can become infected too. While we can’t pass our colds onto horses, they are susceptible to their own set of cold and flu viruses that can hit at any… Read more »

Common Health Problems to Watch for in Your Horse

If you’re a horse owner and lover, you probably like to think of your horse as invincible—perpetually galloping joyfully in the fields and ready for a ride. Unfortunately, like all animals, they are susceptible to disease and other physical ailments. As a responsible horse owner, it is crucial that you educate yourself about the most… Read more »