Prevent Horses from Getting Summer Sores

three horses standing next to each other in barnSummer brings with it not just warmth and sunshine but also a few challenges for horse owners, particularly the risk of summer sores. These sores, medically called habronemiasis, are skin lesions caused by the larvae of stomach worms, which flies carry. These parasites can create significant discomfort for horses and lead to infections if not promptly managed.

Here’s how to prevent summer sores and keep your horses healthy during the upcoming warmer months!

Maintain Rigorous Fly Control

Controlling the fly population around your horses is the key to preventing summer sores. Implementing an integrated fly management system is crucial. This includes using fly traps and sprays and maintaining a clean barn to reduce fly breeding sites.

Implement Good Wound Care Practices

Horses with open wounds are more susceptible to summer sores because flies are attracted to them. Prompt and thorough care of any wounds is essential. Clean any cuts or abrasions immediately and apply veterinarian-recommended wound ointments to create a barrier against flies.

Use Protective Gear

Fly sheets, masks, and leg guards can provide physical barriers that prevent flies from landing on your horse and causing irritation. Make sure the protective gear fits properly and is made of breathable material to prevent overheating.

Regularly Deworm

Since the larvae of stomach worms cause summer sores, regular deworming plays a critical role in prevention. Work with your veterinarian to establish a deworming schedule that targets the specific parasites known to cause summer sores.

Practice Effective Pasture Management

Limiting the time your horses spend in the pasture during peak fly activity hours, typically dawn and dusk, can reduce their exposure to flies. If possible, consider stabling your horses during these times. Additionally, regularly cleaning pastures and paddocks to remove feces will help control flies and reduce the risk of your horses ingesting parasite eggs that can lead to summer sores.

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