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The Benefits of Therapeutic Horse-Riding Programs

Therapeutic riding is essentially adaptive horseback riding lessons, where participants learn horsemanship and riding skills to suit their individual needs. This form of riding can benefit individuals with a wide range of challenges, be it cognitive, physical, emotional, or social. Horseback riding lends independence and mobility to a person with disabilities who may be otherwise… Read more »

Attacking Horse Tack – Covering Every Detail

When it comes to horseback riding, your comfort and safety are everything. Think about the last time you rode a horse, even if it was a pony at the state fair when you were just 8 years old. If you were older, you likely hopped on the back of the horse yourself, and if you… Read more »

Taking Your Horse out on the Trail

Now that summer is here, the open-ended wildness is filling up our souls and we’re quickly becoming addicted to the crisp air and the bear hugging sunshine, which means one thing: we’re taking our horses out on the trail and exploring the world. This is all well and good, but we mustn’t forget the health… Read more »

Transitioning Your Horses to Spring

In most areas of the country all signs of snow should be gone and you should finally start seeing green pastures around your property. While this may be exciting, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your horses. They should not immediately be put out to your pastures, and… Read more »

Have You Ever Ridden a Horse Before?

To someone who has never ridden a horse before, the whole thing may look trickier than it actually is. That isn’t to say that horse riding is as simple as hopping on and grabbing the reins, as there are quite a few mistakes beginners make that tend to make the process of learning more difficult… Read more »