The Benefits of Therapeutic Horse Riding Programs

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of therapeutic horse riding programs to patient seeking diverse types of medical care.

The sacred bond between man and creatures like the horse is one that can bring healing to both, whether that healing is physical, emotional or spiritual.

Every day, there are ever more organizations committing themselves to the noble goal of aiding others by providing access to friendly equine animals.

One such non-profit offering both a therapeutic and spiritual experience through horse riding is Heritage Christian Stables, a Christian-based horse riding facility located in Webster, NY.

This organization serves children and adults facing illness or disability by giving them quality instruction in riding and caring for horses in a ranch environment.

Heritage Christian Stables offers four different two-month seasons that patients can register to participate in throughout the year.

  • Professional riding instructors lead patients through a variety of basic equestrian activities with the goal of improving emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Walking along with and caring for the beasts empowers a person, as it reminds us of God’s promise of domain over the animals and the earth.

Those who are interested can even earn volunteer opportunities working with horses through this organization. Each season, hundreds of volunteers sign up to assist sick and disabled riders with their horses.

These individuals usually fill roles as horse leaders to guide horses along a path, or as side walkers, walking alongside the horse and offering assistance to riders as they need it.

If you’re looking for some interesting volunteer work, this opportunity not only offers you a few months of daily life with horses, but it can offer its own spiritual healing to you as you help others.

God’s covenant with us calls us to love his creatures, for which we receive plenty of spiritual benefits. Deer Creek Structures is always encouraged to hear about horse riding organizations that offer therapeutic benefits with a Christian basis.

*Image courtesy of auremar