Transitioning Your Horses to Spring

In most areas of the country all signs of snow should be gone and you should finally start seeing green pastures around your property. While this may be exciting, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your horses. They should not immediately be put out to your pastures, and instead be slowly introduced to grazing. Unless the grass is at least six inches high, it is not yet ready for horses.

Once your grass has reached this height, it’s finally ready to start bringing your horses out. But don’t leave them to graze all day long. You should gradually allow them to graze in 15 minute increments. Each day, increase this amount of time by an additional 15 minutes. Within a couple of weeks your horses should be ready to graze for several hours at a time.

Of course, you shouldn’t completely ignore the hay diet they’ve gotten used to over the winter either. Feed them as you normally would the first few days you take them out to graze. This will help them better adjust to the change, ensuring they stay as healthy and happy as possible during the transition.

Spring can be an exciting time, especially since the weather is prime for horse riding and just relaxing outdoors. But just remember that your horses need a bit more time to adjust to the changing season than you do. Keep these suggestions in mind in your horses should have no trouble!