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Rehabilitating Veterans with the Wilderness and Horses

In our last blog post, we discussed the good work Greenville’s Equine Services for Heroes is doing with veterans, but that good work is not limited to just them. Similar groups are operating all over the country, helping to rehabilitate veterans using horses and facilitating positive relationships between the two. One such group is Heroes… Read more »

The Beautiful Relationship between Veterans and Horses

Memorial Day was this week and Deer Creek Structures would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has served and is currently serving in the Armed Forces. We couldn’t be prouder of all that you’ve done and are doing for the country. We’ve dedicated multiple blog posts to the relationship between horses and… Read more »

Equine-Assisted Therapy in Providence, Rhode Island

Our creator put us on this Earth with an order to live in better harmony with the many animals that inhabit our domain. Here at Deer Creek Structures, we are great believers in the fact that treating horses with care and dignity will result in much more than an attractive thoroughbred. We believe that a… Read more »

Britain’s Follyfoot Horses [Video]

The first day of the year has come and gone, and the entire world is ready to move forward with 2014. The New Year promises to be a progressive one, and here at Deer Creek Structures we hope that means more people will better understand the depth of our connection with God’s creations. The horse,… Read more »

Heavenly Hoofs this Holiday Season [Video]

As the Christmas season grows deeper, we’re reminded of our Christian calling to show charity to others in need. Helping to take care of those that suffer proves our humility in the face of God. Even more impressive are the stories of those who suffer themselves and use that anguish as a reason to help… Read more »

This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for Hope

Happy (early) Thanksgiving! We should all be thankful for horses and hope, don’t you think? The gentle, graceful beauty of our equestrian friends is something that we as human beings can learn a great deal from. These strong yet peaceful creatures are often a source of solace for those of us who are dealing with… Read more »

The Relationship Between Man and the Many Animals

The relationship between man and the many animals surrounding us is an important part of our compact with God. As the Bible states, “the righteous man regards the life of his beast,” and we are called to be good caretakers of the many creatures that inhabit our world. We should respect their place in nature,… Read more »