The Beautiful Relationship between Veterans and Horses

Memorial Day was this week and Deer Creek Structures would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has served and is currently serving in the Armed Forces. We couldn’t be prouder of all that you’ve done and are doing for the country. We’ve dedicated multiple blog posts to the relationship between horses and soldiers, and would like to revisit that.

In Greenville, N.C., Equine Services for Heroes uses horses to help rehabilitate veterans battling PTSD and other issues, as discussed in an article from Kim Grizzard writes, “The program, from the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, uses equine therapy to help participants who may suffer from physical or mental issues such as traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder.”

With the help of horses, veterans learn lessons in herd dynamics and the body language of horses. In addition, veterans practice ground skills such as leading and lunging. All of these activities help soldiers make that transition into daily life and since no riding is involved, Equine Services for Heroes works with all veterans regardless of experience or disability. The more the veterans interact with the horses, the more confidence they build. Before long, veterans become better in a wide variety of skills, ranging from leadership to using positive coping strategies, making the transition to civilian life a little bit easier.

Groups like Equine Services for Heroes are crucial in helping our veterans improve their health psyche and for that, Deer Creek Structures would like to salute them for doing God’s work. We hope that veterans and horses continue their positive relationship!