The Relationship Between Man and the Many Animals

The relationship between man and the many animals surrounding us is an important part of our compact with God. As the Bible states, “the righteous man regards the life of his beast,” and we are called to be good caretakers of the many creatures that inhabit our world. We should respect their place in nature, especially because He has given us power over them.

When we treat horses and other creatures with the respect and dignity that they so rightly deserve, God graces us with many gifts that we get directly from that creature. Some, in fact, have found that caring for them results in many therapeutic benefits.

The town of Manor, TX, is home to the Healing with Horses Ranch. This ranch offers equine-assisted therapy to children and teens who suffer from a wide variety of mental and physical disabilities. At this camp, attendees take care of the ranch’s horses, making sure to feed and bathe them.

This helps to build a relationship between the horse and the child that can provide many positive results, including a more encouraging outlook on life and a chance to build self-esteem and confidence. By taking care of these horses, children learn to be better stewards for animals of all kinds.

The relationship also has an ability to affect the horse for the better, as well. Patty D’Andrea, the executive director of Healing with Horses Ranch, notes in this report from Austin’s KVUE News that some of the horses at the ranch were taken directly from abusive situations. As the horses have become more used to the gentleness of the young campers, many have improved their behavior around people.

The entire human race is called to be kind and gentle to all of the creatures of the world. Deer Creek Structures

fis proud to abide by this spiritual command from God.


*Image courtesy of Eleonora Vatel