Equine-Assisted Therapy in Providence, Rhode Island

Our creator put us on this Earth with an order to live in better harmony with the many animals that inhabit our domain. Here at Deer Creek Structures, we are great believers in the fact that treating horses with care and dignity will result in much more than an attractive thoroughbred. We believe that a closer communion with these powerful creatures impacts lives in many positive ways, as we’ve discussed here before our on blog.

Equine-assisted therapy is a topic we’ve explored often in the past, and we’re always encouraged to hear stories of groups who not only care for horses but also the less fortunate people among us. Recently, we’ve noticed another heartwarming story in this area coming from a city in the northeastern United States where police authorities and their horses are going above and beyond their typical call of duty to help other people.

In Providence, Rhode Island, the city’s police force is testing out a pilot program involving equine-assisted therapy, as this article published by WPRI.com reports. Officers with the Providence Police Mounted Command will be operating equine-assisted therapy sessions with children from area schools near the Mounted Command headquarters in the city’s Roger Williams Park.

For six Thursdays in a row, officers and horses will work with 12 students from three area schools. Each child faces some form of physical or mental disability, which requires various occupational therapy techniques for treatment. Much like other equine-assisted therapy programs we’ve covered before, students will get the opportunity to ride horses and will also learn how to feed and care for these animals as well.

We love that caring for horses is such a strong part of these programs, as it encourages a client to build a trusting relationship with the animal. We’ve seen plenty of stories about how these programs can change a person’s entire outlook on life, which proves to us that caring for animals can cleanse the soul. Deer Creek Structures offers run-in shelters, sheds and other great facilities for housing your horses. Contact us to see what solutions we can provide for your flock of some of God’s most powerful creatures.