A Conference to Help our Horses

According to TheHorse.com, a 5 day conference centered on equine infectious disease took place this month in Lexington, Kentucky, at the University of Kentucky Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center.  The international conference was comprised of more than 300 guests and 29 different countries were represented.  Numerous topics were covered, including diseases in the respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological and reproduction areas of the horse.  What’s more, attendees listened to presentations that “focused on specific disease agents, immunology and diagnostics.”

David Horohov, a UK chair holder at the Equine Research Center noted that it has been nearly 15 years since a conference of this magnitude has convened.  Horohov said “”The abstracts and plenary sessions provided updated information on a variety of equine infectious and parasitic diseases and identified gaps in our knowledge that will require additional research.”  Further, they announced shortly after the conference that an international committee will be formed to ensure the conference will continue to be held for years to come.

This is certainly good news to all horse lovers.  The more information we have and share, the healthier are beloved horses will be.  With this being Thanksgiving week, it’s suffice to say that we are thankful that this conference took place and will the conference series will continue.  We are also thankful to all of the wonderful customers of Deer Creek Structures.  We have met so many amazing people from around the country during our deliveries and thank you for your patronage.  We hope all of you have an outstanding and safe holiday weekend.