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Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve. We hope that you are having a merry day so far and that the good cheer will carry you through to the New Year. At Deer Creek Structures, this is our favorite time of the year and for good reason: We are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, but… Read more »

Saying Thank You to Horses

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only next week? It seems just like yesterday that Americans nationwide were celebrating Halloween. Now friends and families are prepping for gatherings, getting ready to purchase food this weekend for the big turkey day. Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye and then 2016 will invade… Read more »

Adopting a Horse [Video]

At Deer Creek Structures, we’re always interested in promoting the welfare of the regal power and beauty of horses. As God’s stewards on Earth, we must recognize our role as caretakers of the many creatures that inhabit our world. It troubles us to know that some horses meet an undignified end at the hands of… Read more »

Mississippi Equine Therapy

The gentle power of the horse is a majestic quality that God calls us to respect by using that power for good rather than ill. We at Deer Creek Structures are always encouraged to find out about others across the country and the world that bring people in need and horses together to help both…. Read more »

Spiritual Health is Achieved by Putting People in Touch With Horses and Nature

The spiritual healing which can come from equine therapy is not simply an American innovation. Although we’ve covered a number of facilities in the United States that offer therapeutic activities with horses here on the Deer Creek f blog, many people overseas are working diligently to offer the same services in foreign lands. By doing God’s… Read more »

What is Fire Prevention Week?

We know that God is good and that we must respect His omniscient justice, but it is true that we live in a world where bad things sometimes happen inexplicably. Thankfully, we as humans have the power to help ourselves prevent the fates we so desperately want to avoid by ordering our lives to reduce… Read more »

How to Become an Equine Therapist

When one feels called by God to pursue a passion to serve others, the only appropriate response is to lay down the more trivial aspect of your life and follow His message blindly. Many people who have followed their calling have found that it leads to a much deeper fulfillment than they could ever have… Read more »

Good Stewards for All of the Creatures

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how to be good stewards for all of the creatures given to us in God’s domain. The horse is an incredibly powerful and beautiful creature, and these are attributes to be respected. Although some take advantage of their power over these beasts, we love to see others… Read more »

The Importance of a Horse Barn

Horse barns are a vital aspect of your horse’s overall wellness.  Much like humans, horses spend most of their time in their homes and need a safe, comfortable, and clean environment to eat, sleep and relax in.   It is imperative that the barn floor is made of high-quality materials to ensure the horse has traction… Read more »

A Company you can Always Trust

Deer Creek Structures takes tremendous pride in being the preeminent builders of  portable horse barns, run-in sheds, aisle barns and livestock shelters in Texas. With a passion for customer service, we consistently go above and beyond to ensure each one of our valued customers is fully satisfied.  Our customized horse barns are made to specifically… Read more »