How You Know It’s Time to Upgrade Your Barn

Pre-Fab & Custom Barns in TexasWith the strong desire to preserve historic barns nowadays, it can be challenging to determine if you really need an upgrade. If your barn is looking drab, it’s likely time for a change!

Your barn should never be more trouble than what it’s worth, so it’s best to detect these signs early before your barn becomes unsafe and unusable.

You should consider upgrading your barn if:

The Roof is Leaking

A leaking or drooping roof is usually a visible indication that you’ll want to replace it. One of the more common signs of a leaking roof is that you can see the water dripping. Unfortunately, it’s not always that obvious. There may be holes or damaged shingles on the roof that are undetectable at first glance.

Don’t forget to inspect the walls of the barn either! If you notice any spotting or molding, that’s another common indicator that your roof needs replacing.

Noticeable Damage in the Siding

You can determine a lot about the foundation of a barn based on the condition of its siding. Do you notice a difference in the directional lean? This most likely means the barn has shifted on its foundation. A weak foundation can potentially lead to the barn collapsing.

If you’re in a region that experiences cold snaps, rain, sleet, snow, or other harsh weather, it is imperative to have a plan of action in place to repair your foundation. These weather conditions could eventually lead to the destruction of your barn if you don’t have a repair plan in place!

Your Barn is Outdated

Physical damage is not the only reason your barn may be in need of an upgrade. When you first purchased your barn, it may have been enough for the animals and equipment you had at the time. However, as time passes, your animals grow, and you obtain more equipment, it’s typical to outgrow your space.

Are you still trying to decide if it’s time for a new barn? Don’t worry—we’re here to help! Deer Creek Structures has a great selection of aisle barns and shedrow barns to fit your needs and accommodate your growth. Contact us today to get started with one of our pre-made models or on a custom design!