Adopting a Horse [Video]

At Deer Creek Structures, we’re always interested in promoting the welfare of the regal power and beauty of horses. As God’s stewards on Earth, we must recognize our role as caretakers of the many creatures that inhabit our world. It troubles us to know that some horses meet an undignified end at the hands of unscrupulous owners, which is why we’d like to take some time to honor those who work diligently to put horses in loving homes.

As a horse ages, it sometimes has advanced needs that fall onto the hands of its caretakers. Medicine and dietary restrictions are important to pay attention to, although many responsible owners find it easy to care for a stable of horses. There are many services that can transfer horses to a situation that will prove to be beneficial for the animal.

In the state of Michigan, Horse North Rescue and Placement Program has operated as a horse rescue service since 1987. The founder started the organization when she learned what fate befell an earlier horse that she had cared for, and she opened the service with the vow that she would never again forsake a horse in need. As the About Us page for this service shows, many horses have been saved over the years thanks to Horse North’s promise to aid in the care and transportation of these creatures.

Track thoroughbreds are a major concern in the equestrian world. After a racing horse has outlived its performance, it has more than earned the right to live out its final years in peace and health. Second Call, located in Monmouth, NJ, helps to place New Jersey track thoroughbreds into long-term placement situations. It also helps to retrain and acclimate horses to new living environments away from the racetrack.

Sometimes people are intimidated by the price involved in owning a horse, but many services can make adoption very affordable for interested owners. The Adopt A Horse program run by the Kentucky Equine Humane Center offers adoption fees as low as $50 for some horses.

Our role as caretakers of the many creatures in our domain is one to be treasured. Deer Creek Structures is proud to do our part to aid and protect these wonderful animals, which can enrich our lives with their strength on a daily basis.