3 Tricks for Keeping Your Chickens Cool This Summer

Prefab Chicken Coops for Sale near Houston TXWhen you’re out in the sun in the peak of summer tending to your yard or your barn, it doesn’t take long to overheat. So just imagine how your chickens must feel covered in feathers and cooped up in a tiny space with the rest of their flock!

Backyard chickens are susceptible to the dangers of heatstroke just like any other creature. To help them beat the summer Texas heat, keep a close eye on your chickens and help them cool off with these easy tricks!

1) Ice their water and freeze their food.

Ensuring your chickens are hydrated should be your number one concern when the temperatures start to climb. First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure they have easy access to plenty of water. This may mean putting out additional sources and refilling more frequently throughout the day. Then, add ice to the water to help keep it cooler for longer and give them something refreshing to munch on.

Speaking of munching—try freezing a few of your chickens’ favorite treats for something delicious to cool their little bodies down, like watermelon, berries, and other fruits.

2) Make sure your coop is well-ventilated and offers some shade.

Your chickens need a cool, safe place where they can escape the sun and get some relief from the stifling summer heat. If your coop has room for improvement, now is the time to replace it with a higher-quality structure. Look for something that provides shade for chickens to retreat to as well.

Another important aspect of your coop is ventilation. A chicken coop should be well-ventilated as it is, for the sake of the health and wellness of your flock, but you may need to take some extra steps when the heat gets high. Setting up a fan in the coop to provide a steady breeze can make all the difference in keeping your chickens cool.

3) Create a mini-oasis for chickens with a mister or kiddie pool.

Give your flock another place to cool down by setting up a sprinkler, mister, or even a baby pool of water near their coop or pasture. Not only will your chickens be able to soak in the refreshing water at leisure, the mist will help cool the air and ground around them too.

A mini-chicken water park is the perfect way to provide them with some extra stimulation while keeping them cool. Just don’t forget to replace the water after a few hours in the hot sun to keep it nice and cold.

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