American Pharoah Is a Gift from God

On Saturday, many Americans were glued to their TV sets watching history before their very eyes. We of course are talking about the Belmont Stakes. This event is one of the greatest sporting events in our nation and this year may have been the best yet. American Pharoah did it, winning the Triple Crown, breaking a drought that has been around since 1978.This is one of the toughest feats in sports to accomplish.

We’ve been accustomed to disappointment and dashed hopes. Last year California Chrome came up short breaking the hearts of millions of Americans from coast to coast. Many, and that’s an understatement, have been anxious to see another Triple Crown winner. On Saturday, their dreams were realized.

Having been crowned with the Triple Crown, American Pharoah will go down as one the finest horse of his generation, if not all time. It’s nice to see a figure like American Pharoah inspiring Americans from all walks of life. That’s the power of these races, of these horses – this ability to instill pride, heartache, and hope all in fell swoop. It’s like being gifted with the touch of the divine.

What do you think of American Pharoah? Did the Triple Crown win lift up your heart to unexpected heights?