4 Animals That Make Great Companions for Your Horse

Horse & Animal Structures for Sale in Lott, TXDid you know that horses are considered herd animals? It’s true! Horses are social by nature and can actually become lonely and anxious if they don’t get the companionship they crave. It can sometimes be difficult for a horse owner to fulfill this need by themselves.

Fortunately, horses are amiable creatures that get along with many other types of livestock and household animals. If your horse looks like they’re in need of a friend, consider bringing in one of these animals to keep them company!

1) Dogs

Dogs make great buddies for horses because they’re friendly and easy to travel with. As long as they’re well-trained, you can bring them with you to shows and on rides, in addition to letting them play in the fields with your horse. Dogs often develop a close bond with their horse pals and become protective of them, offering you both an extra layer of security.

2) Cats

While cats are not ideal travelers, they do make perfect companions for hanging out in the barn or grazing the pasture. They’ll cuddle up with your horse, providing them with a sense of closeness and affection they often need to be fully happy and healthy. Plus, cats will deter rodents and other pests from invading stalls or stealing food.

3) Goats

Goats are naturally friendly and sociable creatures, making it easy for them to form an instant friendship with your horse. They also travel well, graze pastures, and are content in stalls, meaning they can keep your horse company wherever they go!

4) Cows

If you already own and care for a horse, adding one or a few cows to your livestock collection won’t require much extra work. They eat a lot of the same foods as a horse and can harmoniously share a barn and pasture, offering peaceful companionship. Cows and horses also help keep each other healthy, as they carry different internal parasites that can disrupt the lifecycle of their counterpart’s parasites, helping to keep them under control.

As you add new animals to your barnyard family, you’re going to need more space to house them—that’s where we come in! At Deer Creek Structures, we build sturdy, long-lasting structures designed to protect and comfort your horses and all their companions.

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