Beginner Horse Riding in Winter

As much as the romantic scene of riding a horse while the snow is falling around you can be appealing, it also happens to be one of the more dangerous times of years to be riding horses. This is especially the case when you are just learning to ride. The snow and white scenery while being all bundled up may be beautiful and quite the image, but they also make for sliding horses, and worried horses and you are more restricted for controlling them since you are all bundled up.

That’s why so many organizations say that you should learn to ride while indoors if you are going to learn during the colder months. The horses still need their exercise normally, but if you haven’t trained on riding a horse then the last thing you want to be doing is riding one when you have the highest chance of falling off and then having the horse slide and fall on you.

This is why there are stables that provide indoor tracks within the stables though. They tend to cost more, but they are well worth it when you get to ride your horses year round where before you might lose the winter months because you don’t think of yourself as an adequate rider.

So pay attention to extreme temperature situations. Even places that get too hot during the summer can benefit just as much from snowy month places with an indoor riding area for your stable. Horses are affected just as much, especially when they are the one getting all the exercise as you ride around on them. But remember to never start up a new person on a horse during winter, it just might go bad.