Connecting Horses, Humans and Technology

Equestrians have an understanding of their horse and often can decipher how the horse is feeling before, during, and after a ride.

However, advancing technology will give riders an opportunity to digitally track and monitor their horse’s temperament and health, along with their own.

The Bailos Sensor, the first product of the French start-up Equisense, is a wearable technology that will connect a horse and their rider. It is the first sensor being used for training in equestrian sports.

The device will monitor and record your training session and your horse’s well-being throughout as well as the rider’s progress in the short and long-term.

The Bailos Sensor does all of the tracking and the work for you. It will start recording a session when it detects that the horse is moving. If you need to stop and consult the tracker during your ride, you can do so without losing what you’ve already done.

The Bailos Sensor attaches to the girth of the saddle so it is not obtrusive to the horse.

There are two parts to the Bailos Sensor system: the sensor (attached to the girth of the saddle) during the ride and the app which is downloaded onto a smartphone. However, your smartphone does not need to be on during the training session in order for your data to be recorded. The sensor will update the app automatically to wherever your phone is located/

Some additional features include:

  • You will get a care calendar that allows riders to adapt routines and set training goals for your horse during each session.
  • You can monitor the session intensity to determine if the horse’s fitness level was stable during the workout and will alert you immediately in case of lameness.
  • The report is completely comprehensive and will include the session intensity, lameness level, time spent at each gait, etc.
  • The app can also provide you with course tracking details for riders that want a more detailed report.
  • The app will track interval indicators in jumping, dressage, endurance, and eventing.Data and results can be shared with team members, coaches, trainers, and horse caregivers.

From the competitive rider to the conscientious rider, you will definitely get a better riding experience with the Bailos Sensor.

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