Custom Hauling Services from Deer Creek Structures

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply pick up and move an existing structure to where you really needed it? Short of tearing something down and rebuilding it, which is extremely costly, there are alternative options available to you. Making sure our customer’s needs are met is something that Deer Creek Structures is known for, and we can accommodate your unique and custom hauling needs.

Barns, cabins, and sheds are typically assumed to be immovable objects. That’s simply not the case. Since we have developed prized ways of building these structures, we know the key secrets to transporting them over great distances as well.

The safety and security of such a haul is at the forefront of every project we service. Unforeseen challenges will often arise, which is why we are always prepared for anything thrown our way.  We have a wealth of experience to draw on, and all of the tools one would need to complete the job. There’s no simple way to do it, but our people make the work look easy.

From custom-built run-in sheds, horse barns, and livestock shelters to any creatively designed structure, we can make sure that your satisfaction is met. We hold ourselves to a high standard because we know that you expect, and deserve, the best.