Enjoy Horseracing but Remember the Horses When the Race Is over

While looking online for horse news and trends, we came across this interesting editorial regarding horseracing and the importance of taking care of your horses after races. The letter, featured on Cumberlink.com, is an impassioned plea for the safety and health of horses, which is a breath of fresh air given all that is going on when it comes to horses.

The horseracing industry in America is big business. In Pennsylvania alone, horseracing is worth about $1.6 billion and really helps out the state’s economy. Let’s not forget about the more than 20,000 jobs associated with it. With numbers like this, of course people go crazy for horseracing, but as the author points out, there’s a dark side to horse racing writing, “But let’s also remember that the typical racehorse retires around the age of 6 or 7, only a third of a horse’s typical life span.”

The life of a racehorse is a tough one, and the constant grind of racing and training can take a heavy toll on the horse. While events like the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness are American institutions, we mustn’t forget the horses that make such events possible. We must do our godly duty and take care of them after their racing days are over. Enjoy the races, but remember the horses.