Horse Has Twins in Texas

Can horses have twins?This is a rare, intriguing and miraculous occurrence not many know about since only around 1 in 10,000 twin foals survive to term, but the short answer is yes!

If you’re a horse owner, you know the joy and excitement that comes when a foal is born.

But can you begin to imagine how you would feel if two foals were born at once? Mixed feelings of thrill and anxiety would probably take over since it usually doesn’t happen.

A couple that owns a farm in Bastrop County near Austin experienced quite the surprise last week when two foals were born within minutes of each other.

The Tuckers, the family who owns the farm, don’t typically perform ultrasounds on their pregnant horses; instead they watch the horses’ bellies grow over an 11-month span. However, if vets decide to actually perform an ultrasound and happen to see twin foals, they typically pop one of the eggs or in some cases abort both since it can be very dangerous to bring both to term.

Bonnie and Clyde, the dynamic duo, were born on May 11th and have been being treated at the Elgin Veterinary Hospital where they are receiving bags of fluid and plasma to increase their odds of survival. Every day the horses grow stronger and are expected to return to the farm mid-June where the Tuckers will care for them.

This successful outcome was a rare blessing since horses aren’t designed to nourish two fetuses at once. Mother Nature doesn’t favor the idea of twin foals since a significant number of twin embryos abort within the first six weeks of pregnancy

There is no way to avoid or prevent twins in pregnancy. The best option is to focus on early detection and have the mare checked before 16 days. If the exam isn’t performed early, it’s harder to eliminate one or both of the twins. Try to have your horse checked regularly, keep an eye on the size of the belly, note any unusual behaviors and continue to care for your momma-to-be.

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