Horse Safety

We’re always quick to point out the many benefits there are to treating horses with the dignity and integrity that God wants us to have with any of the creatures in our domain. Here at Deer Creek Structures, we also want to take some time to talk about the realities of handling horses safely.

It’s of crucial importance to respect the incredible power possessed by these creatures. Making sure that both you and your equine friend can communicate and play in perfect harmony is a great way to build the relationship between the two of you.

For effective safety tips when handling a horse out in the field, read this article published by The Capital Press. One thing that most horse riders don’t always consider is wearing a safety helmet while riding horseback. Head injuries are incredibly common among riders who fall off their horse while helmetless and these falls can be devastating.

Staying aware at every single moment is probably the best way to make sure that you’re prepared to keep your horse calm and stay away from injury. Stand to the side of a horse while leading him, as this will prevent the horse from being able to kick you if it rears up unexpectedly.

Proper footwear is very important to protect yourself against foot injuries in case a horse hoof ends up landing on your own foot. When you approach a horse, make sure that the horse notices your presence before you’re within reach, as a horse can become startled if it didn’t see you before you got too close. If leading a horse with a length of rope, keep the extra slack loosely looped around your arms as a tight coil can cause arm injury if the horse takes off.

Proper safety precautions are a sign of tremendous respect for the strength of any creature. Deer Creek Structures hopes that you can take some of this advice and use it to more perfectly commune with the grace and beauty of horses.