Horse Therapy Farms Need Your Help

For many of our posts in November and December (so far), we have focused on giving thanks. After all, isn’t that what the season is all about? Horses provide a lot for us, whether or not we acknowledge it. Now is the time to recognize the good that is happening in your life and the world, whether or not it directly affects you. One such thing is horse therapy farms all over the country, which help people from all walks of life, including veterans returning home from wars, trouble teenagers having identity crises, or recovering addicts wanting to seek a better life. For these horse therapy farms, they need funding to operate effectively, and much of the time, that onus falls on us. Some of these farms provide therapy to horses or to the people attending said farms; these farms are positive for all parties involved. One horse therapy farm is Healing Horses “One Child At A Time” in Wesley Chapel, FL.

According to their website, their mission is “to rescue, rehabilitate abused and neglected equine and place them into safe, permanent homes. Provide permanent sanctuary for equine that due to age or health cannot be adopted. Give those quine placed in sanctuary a purpose in life by joining them with children of special needs, physical or emotional disabilities, or who are a victim of abuse/violence, at risk youth.”

Obviously, Healing Horses “One Child At A Time” is doing some good work, God’s work let’s say, but to maintain operational capabilities, Healing Horses needs money and right now it seems that they are struggling in that department, according to this 10News article. They report, “Bev Levitt started the therapy farm six years ago, and she says hundreds of special-needs kids and high-risk teens have benefited […] The farm offers the therapy free to people who need it. But, the nonprofit farm is desperate for funding to maintain therapy sessions and care for the 15 horses that work with kids.”

These horse therapy farms play a very important role in the rehabilitation of both animals and people, and if you can find it in your heart to donate to this wonderful horse therapy farm, you would be doing the world a huge favor. Remember the time of the year!