Horses and Spirituality

At Deer Creek Structures, we firmly believe that horses, like every other creature on this planet, is divinely infused and, if treated with respect and care, can lift up the soul and bring us closer to God. These beautiful creatures are loaded with spirituality and we just need to take the time to appreciate them and see the bigger picture. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how horses are able to help us cope with our physical and mental deficiencies, such as the great work being done by many organizations with veterans. A recent book explores this topic in a little more detail.

The author Tim Hayes writes, “Riding Home – the Power of Horses to Heal was my attempt to share this remarkable ability of horses to initiate emotional and mental healing for humans by using their physical equine body language to communicate and create mutually compassionate relationships. To support and make manifest the reality of this horse/human healing interaction I specifically relied on research that was exclusively scientific and experiential.”

Hayes takes his thesis and supports it using various studies and examples, including discussing riding and horsemanship, how horses are able to help some people cope with depression and other mental illnesses, and more. It’s as if horses are imbued with antidepressant and therapeutic pheromones – just being around them can sew up our spiritual wounds, can help soothe whatever aches our minds, can remove any detritus that is in the way of our future so that we can see clearly and purposefully. If that doesn’t like an angel, what does?