Horses Provide Healing

Horses have done a lot for people over the many years that we have cultivated a friendship with them. But one we often don’t hear about, even though it happens regularly, is therapy from horses. This isn’t the kind of sitting on a sofa and talking about your childhood therapy, but it’s often just as effective, if not more so. That’s exactly why someone like Brigette Patton had decided to start a company that promotes the use of horses and riding horses for therapy.

The idea all has to do with what kind of effect animals often have on a person who is empathetic. They can inspire a lot out of us, and horses in particular provide tasks to complete while bonding and getting therapy from them. Horses are ridden in most cases for the therapy, and during the riding is when the bonding and therapy can occur.

Horses have a unique area similar to dogs and cats when it comes to us gaining therapy because without even saying anything they react to what we say, and that makes us feel like they are listening to us. Horses wiggle their ears, or flick their hair or heads in response to us talking and we take that as them listening. And more often than not, therapy really is just all about having someone who will listen to all the crazy or amazing things you have to say.

While horses won’t be curing cancer anytime soon, they certainly will be providing the kind of therapy people generally need. They give us a caring ear when we often need it most, and that’s nothing to flick a tail at.