How to Fireproof Your Horse Barn

Let’s face it—disasters happen, including fires. You can’t change that, but you can be prepared. Since it only takes five to seven minutes between the time a fire ignites and the time it’s no longer safe to enter the barn and evacuate your horses, prevention is really your best option. Read on to learn more about how you can fireproof your horse barn.

Never Smoke in Your Horse Barn

This one should be obvious. A cigarette is essentially an open flame, which you should never allow in or near your barn. Put up “no smoking” signs both inside and outside of your barn, and enforce the rule.

Keep the Electrical System Up-To-Date in Your Horse Barn

Faulty electrical systems are a major cause of barn fires. Replace any old wiring, place lightbulbs in metal cages and run electrical lines through metal conduits to prevent rodent damage. Extension cords are a potential hazard, so make sure you have enough outlets (and that they’re out of the reach of your horses).

Clean Up Your Horse Barn

Sloppy housekeeping can cause flammable materials to accumulate in and near your barn. Clear away scrap lumber, gasoline cans, empty feed bags and other non-essentials.

Keep Manure in Check in Your Horse Barn

Many horse owners don’t think of this, but decomposing manure generates heat. Avoid this fire hazard by making sure manure doesn’t build up by your barn.

Now that you know how to fireproof your horse barn, it’s time to buy one! Check out Deer Creek Structures for secure, safe and comfortable Texas-built horse barns and run-in sheds.