How Well Do You Know Your Horse?

Maybe we should consider horses, and not dogs, man’s best friend. After all, they have been domesticated for around 5,000 years. They have been an invaluable asset in man taming the great wilderness of earth. Without them, who knows where we would be as a civilization. Despite having an intimate relationship with horses over the last few thousand years, we still do not know much about what makes them tick, the triggers in their brains. That seems to all be changing and much research is happening in the field of animal consciousness, which covered extensively in the book The Horse: The Epic History Of Our Noble Companion by Wendy Williams.

Simon Worrall of National Geographic recently sat down with her for an interview and the interview proves to be quite an informative session about “why we are having to rethink our preconceptions about animal consciousness; how a mathematical horse fooled humans; and why missing that second cup of coffee to go and muck out the barn can bring rich rewards.”

Those things are just the tip of the equine iceberg; the interview is loaded with tidbits of knowledge that will change how you view horses and man’s relationship with them and at Deer Creek Structures, we encourage you to check it out; you will not regret it. Williams sums it up best: “Horses teach you courage, patience, persistence; rewards of kindness and gentleness; companionship; the excitement and vitality of life; and warmth. They also provide an awful lot of memories, and the importance of caring for another living thing, which it took me a long time to learn!”

At Deer Creek Structures, we couldn’t agree more!