Keeping Your Horse Warm throughout the Winter

There are many things you need to take care of around your house and stables throughout the winter, but your horses should always be at the top of the list. You most likely use a number of methods to stay warm throughout the winter, but don’t forget that your horse can get cold too. The following are just a few ways you can ensure your horse is comfortable during even the coldest days of the year.

Even if you plan on leaving your horse outdoors for long periods of time, you need to make sure they have access to shelter. On days where freezing rain is falling from the sky or its particularly cold or windy, make sure they can get inside a barn or shed until the weather passes.

When it comes to preparing your horse stable for colder temperatures, there are a few things you can do. First, place your horses bedding against any doors that lead outside. This will prevent drafts from entering the stable at night. If your horse will be spending more time in the stable to avoid winter weather, you also need to make sure it’s as clean as possible and there is nothing in the area that could injure your horse.

Blankets can also be incredibly effective at keeping your horse warm. You can place a stable blanket on a horse any time it returns from being outside to help warm up more quickly. These blankets can also be great at absorbing rain or snow. You should also consider getting a turnout blanket for your horse because they typically have better insulation than the average blanket.

Follow this guide and you should have no trouble keeping your horse warm and toasty in the coming months.