Purchasing A Horse From A Breeder

Buying a horse is a very big investment. Two popular and safe ways of purchasing a horse are either from a certified breeder or the actual horse owner. There will be a series of questions you should ask and courtesy of the American Quarter Horse Association, we’ve outlined them below.

If purchasing from a breeder:

Make sure the breeder is a member of a breeding association. This ensures they’ve followed strict breeding guidelines. The AQHA has a Breeder Referral Program that matches buyers with local breeders.

Questions to ask a breeder:

What experience do you have in the horse industry?

Who else have you helped and what kind of success have they had under your guidance?

How are your fees structured?

What references do you have from other professionals?

What is your breeding program like?

What is the horse’s bloodline and/or pedigree?

Additionally, it could be a prudent idea to ask the breeder for referrals, and see what other buyers had to say about their purchase.  But if you all fall quickly in love with a horse, then why wait?

Next week, we’ll examine the questions that prospective buyers should ask a horse owner.

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Source Used: http://aqha.com/