Save Money at Your next Horse Show

Competing in a horse show can be one of the most exciting things horse owners get to experience. Unfortunately, it can often become costly depending on the specifics of the show and where it is located. If you’re spending too much money on horse competitions, you may have to cut down on the number of shows you do each year, but that’s not ideal. Instead, we’re here to tell you about a few ways that you can cut down on your competition costs.

A common mistake that people make is buying things like shavings and hay at the show itself. In most cases, the prices at these shows are much higher than they should be, so you’re paying much more than you would otherwise. You can eliminate this by bringing along your own hay and any other supplies you may need.

Traveling to the show itself can be one of the main reasons competing can become so expensive. No matter how far away you have to drive, try to leave at the right time so you’re not hitting any traffic. Not only will you risk being late for the show, but you’ll be spending extra money on gas that you’d be able to avoid if you left before the rush.

Losing your belongings at a horse show is also a risk that could end up costing you a bit of money. You should be able to prevent this by clearly labeling everything you bring to the show.

Take advantage of these tips and you should be able to cut down on your competition expenses in no time. We wish you luck at your next show!