Saving Abused Horses

It’s no simple task to take a righteous stand on how we as humans should be treating the many creatures of our domain. Here at Deer Creek Structures, we love to share stories of those who honor His call to bring ourselves into greater harmony with our world.

It’s true that we should act in such a way that brings God’s grace into this world without drawing too much attention to ourselves. However, we wanted to take some time to bring our blog readers a story involving dozens of horses that were saved by law enforcement officials from a New Jersey town.

As this article published by The Press-Republican reports, Essex County police officers were officially recognized by the State Humane Association for their role in saving 41 horses from an abusive living situation in September 2013. The horses had been malnourished and their owner ended up being charged with multiple counts of animal mistreatment.

The descriptions of the scene from which these creatures were saved by law enforcement are truly harrowing, and the horses have all since been adopted by new owners. Veterinarians interviewed for the above article believed that those police officers saved the lives of each of these horses by removing them from a toxic and unhealthy environment.

There are many good things to be said about a society that cares for the least capable among us. Horses are strong, to be sure, but they need the caring guidance of a human owner to feed them and help them find some useful purpose in this world.

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