The Benefits of Horse Barn Overhangs

Horse barn overhangs, sometimes referred to as a lean, is a convenient feature of a horse barn that provides a series of benefits.   Essentially, an overhang is a constructed roof that extends the length and entrance of the barn.

Most horse barns are built without an overhang, but one can definitely be constructed with the right materials and a thorough design plan. A typical overhang is made of posts, rafters and roofing material. To reap all the benefits of the overhang, it should stick far beyond the entrance.

Why are overhangs so desirable on a horse barn?

The overhang provides the horses and other animals shelter from weather elements such as heavy rain and thunderstorms.

For sunny and humid days, overhangs offer heat relief and shade for horses and owners.

An overhang provides plenty of space for storage and allows horses the room to turn out without having to face harsh conditions.

Additionally, it is a place where owners can store possessions outdoors without fearing they will get soaked in the rain.

Overhangs are very purposeful for keeping mud out of barn stalls and in areas where owners and horses roam. Keeping a clean space is beneficial to any horse owner!

The overhang can also eliminate crowded stalls by having a sheltered place to secure horses.

An overhang can add an appealing feature to your barn, making your property more aesthetically pleasing.

At Deer Creek Structures, we custom build horse barn overhangs that are convenient for both owner and horse. If you would like a reliable solution to making your barn more efficient, contact us today.

Posted by: Deer Creek Structures