3 Qualities of a Healthy Horse Barn

inside of a healthy horse barnAs a horse owner, it’s your job to ensure your horse is happy and healthy in a safe and nurturing environment. Along with routine care for your horse—grooming, exercise, bonding, feeding—the biggest factor in your horse’s health will be its living conditions.

Once you’ve invested in a high-quality horse barn or shed, you need to ensure your setup is ideal for the well-being of your horse. If you can check these three things off the list, you can rest easy knowing they’re in the best environment possible!

1) Well-Ventilated

A constant flow of fresh air is probably the most important condition for keeping your horse healthy. Moisture (which causes mold), dust, debris, bacteria, and harmful gases can build up quickly in the small space of a barn. When inhaled, these toxins jeopardize your horse’s respiratory health. Use plenty of fans, windows, and vents to keep the air moving!

2) Controlled Temperature

Like humans, a horse’s body suffers greatly from extreme temperatures and constant fluctuations. You need to find the right balance of insulation and air circulation to keep your horse comfortable and their living environment at a consistent temperature. Otherwise, you risk them falling ill to heatstroke, dehydration, hypothermia, or even starvation.

3) Pest Protected

Insects, rodents, and small animals love a good horse barn. With easy access to food and warm bedding, there’s no reason for them not to settle in! Unfortunately, these pests often bring fleas, disease, and damage to your horse and its home. Make sure your barn’s structure is sound (so nothing can sneak in), feed is well-sealed, and you’re using safe pest control methods to keep your horse and barn protected.

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