The Do’s and Don’ts of Competing in a Costume Class with Your Horse

Halloween is just around the corner, which means riders and owners are getting ready to celebrate with their horses! There are a lot of opportunities to get festive with your horse at holiday barn parties, when the trick-or-treaters come around, and in seasonal costume classes.Horse Barns for Sale in TX

If you and your horse are planning on getting spooky in a Halloween costume class, make sure you’re doing it in the smartest and safest way possible. With these essential tips and a killer costume, you’ll be sure to dominate the competition!

DO give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

Start planning your costume early so you have the chance to try out several ideas and perfect the design you end up choosing. Do a little brainstorming and trial and error to see what works for your horse and what doesn’t. Once you’ve settled on a costume, introduce it to your horse gradually so they can get used to it and practice walking around all dressed up!

DON’T jeopardize your horse’s safety.

Your horse’s health and happiness should always be your first priority! Take care to use materials and designs that are comfortable and safe for them. Create your horse’s costume with breakaway features that make it easy to remove in case they start to panic—breakaway halter, release straps, etc. Double check that any paint, glitter, glue, or hairspray you plan on using are non-toxic and/or designed specifically for horses.

DO use what you already have.

There’s no need to make your horse’s costume completely from scratch. Use their tack as an anchor for the costume and build and embellish from there! This will save you money and make your horse feel more comfortable. Don’t forget to incorporate your helmet into your costume too, for your own safety.

DON’T be afraid to get creative.

The whole point of a costume class is to have fun! Enjoy the process of coming up with ideas for you and your horse and bringing them to life. Choose a fun pairing to dress up as that lets you use your imagination and reflects the relationship between you and your horse—a bride and groom, mermaid and the ocean, princess and unicorn, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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