The Importance of Winter Horse Shelters

Making sure you have the proper sheds or stables for your horses is always important, and that is never truer than during the winter season. Throughout the coldest months of the year you should be especially aware of the shelter your horse does, or doesn’t have. If you find your current shelter isn’t enough, it may be time to make an upgrade.

The type of shelter you need depends on a variety of factors, including the number of horses you own. If you have a large herd you will need an expansive stable, or maybe even two of them. This is especially true in the winter when horses will be spending more time indoors. Your shelter should include plenty of room for every horse to move around, ensuring that no horse is left out in the cold.

During the winter you may notice your horses will be taking advantage of natural shelter as well. This can include things like trees and other low places around your property. While most horses can remain fairly comfortable even in low temperatures, that doesn’t mean they want to stand out in the middle of a blistering snowstorm. Pay attention to the weather conditions and ensure your horses get inside if a large storm is on the horizon.

There are more than a few things to keep in mind when it comes to horse shelters, especially in the winter. You should take some time to survey your property to decide whether or not you have adequate shelter for your horses. If you need more sheds, the team at Deer Creek Structures is here to help!