The Meaning behind a Horse’s Color

If you ride horses, you may think about a variety of factors in order to determine the right horse for you. But one thing you probably don’t consider is the color of the horse’s coat. Most people assume that a horse’s color is nothing more than something that defines their visual appearance. And while a horse’s coat can certainly be something that makes them stand out, its color holds a bit more importance.

How and why a horse has a particular color coat comes down to genetics, and that’s something every rider should be thinking about. The coat color is also important for people who breed horses, because the color can reveal a lot about a horse’s genetic history that may be otherwise unknown. If you’re still wondering why understanding the meaning behind a horse’s color is important, it’s mainly because their coat could be an indication of what diseases they are and aren’t susceptible too.

That’s right. Specific coat colors and patterns are directly tied to certain gene mutations. These same gene mutations are responsible for various types of health problems that could determine whether or not your horse is fit to ride. Of course, just because a horse’s coat is a certain color doesn’t mean they will suffer from any or all of the illnesses tied to that related gene, but it’s useful information that could help you better care for your horse. If you know what to look out for, you will be able to seek medical attention early on.

The next time you look at a horse’s coat, really think about what it says about where the horse comes from and what genes it may be passing on.