The Powerful Bond Between Man and Horse

Here at Deer Creek Structures, we are big supporters of equine therapy and are very passionate about supporting those who understand the powerful healing bond between man and the many creatures of the world. As Christians, we are called to be good stewards of all God’s creatures, and we can receive grace if we respect this relationship.

We’ve featured many equine therapy programs on the Deer Creek Structures blog because we believe in the healing power of caring for animals. All over the country, people can find great programs that provide therapeutic services to individuals of all ages through activities with horses. Sunrise Center North, a service located in Channahon, IL, southwest of Joliet, is a great program located just outside of Chicago that serves individuals that have a variety of disorders.

Sunrise Center North offers a few programs catered to various groups, such as their Seniors in Saddles program. This article from the Joliet Herald-News talks about this and other programs offered by the facility, run by owner Kris Mondrella. Other programs at this center include the Special Needs Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program, the Autistic Music Class on Horseback and Horses for Heroes. These horse-riding activities bring about emotional relief for individuals and can provide a number of physical health benefits as well.

Riding a horse requires the use of many of the same muscles used when walking; making guided horse rides an interesting idea as an alternative physical therapy. Seniors who ride horses at the center experience better bone density, digestion, balance, strength and muscle mass. The center has served individuals with various illnesses, including spinal bifida, down syndrome and many mental disorders, with many patients experiencing dramatic beneficial impacts.

The powerful bond between man and beast is one that can bring a lot of good into our lives. Deer Creek Structures is proud to share this message of God’s love for all living creatures with the world.

*Image courtesy of basphoto