Therapy Horses in Hospitals

At Deer Creek Structures, we like to remind our readers how important it is to treat your horses with care and love. It is our Christian duty; it’s ingrained on our hearts and souls. That’s why it’s so important to make sure they have proper shelter all season long, which is why our horse barns should have a prominent role in the relationship between you and your horse.

But it’s also important to remember what horses do for us, how they enhance our lives on a daily basis. Take, for example, what’s happening in Huber Heights, Ohio, as talked about in this article. Four miniature horses are currently enrolled in classes and undergoing the transformation into therapy horses. If all goes well, they’ll soon be galloping down the whitewashed halls of area hospitals.

Believe it or not, these four miniature horses are under the tutelage of therapy dogs. Well, maybe not under the tutelage of, but they’re training with them so they can see how to interact with other animals and then humans, especially children. When the training’s complete and the horses are ready to go, two will head to Daytona Children’s Hospital and the other two will trot over to Forest Glen Health Camps in Springfield.

Imagine the faces on those children when they see those horses in the hospital halls for the first time. Such smiles could power the world!