Things Veterinarians Wish For Horses

We stumbled across a very interesting article that discusses the things that veterinarians would wish for our horses in 2013.  The article speaks to several veterinarians across North America, each of whom offer suggestions as to things they would recommend horse owners do to improve the health and overall wellness of their horses.  The article can serve as a wonderful checklist for horse owners, as they work diligently to make sure their horses get the care they deserve.  Let’s examine a few highlights of the article.

Healthy Organ Systems

The article specifically touches on ways to ensure that the horse’s circulatory, respiratory and skeletal systems are working properly.  For instance, a veterinarian from Canada suggests that owners take their horses’ heart rate every day, to ensure that it falls in their normal range.  Elevated heart rates could mean there is an underlying issue, and the quicker the issue is taken care of, the better.

Additionally, it is recommended that owners stay cognizant of the horse’s breathing zone around its nose to make certain that the horse’s respiratory system is working correctly.  Furthermore, the article recommends horse owners seeking alternatives to longeing and suggests owners have an accurate gauge of their horse’s legs in order to catch any possible tendon or ligament damage.

Exercise, A Healthy Diet and Medical Checkups

It would be a good bet to say that those three things will be some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions among your friends.  Well, those things are also critical to the overall health of your horse. Hilary Clayton, Vice President of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, offers an interesting exercise suggestion for your horse: Mix things up.  What she means by that is change the type and venue of the horse’s exercise, as this will keep them more engaged and make their workouts more interesting.

Nutrition is also a critical aspect of a horse’s well-being.  It is imperative that owners are cognizant of the horse’s diet, and understand the importance of forage to the diet, according to Kentucky Equine Researcher Kathleen Crandell, PhD.

Moreover, one of the most important aspects of owning a horse is providing it with proper health care.  Whether it’s a preventative measure like checking your horse’s heart rate, or actually scheduling a checkup with a vet, good health care will certainly improve the overall wellness of your horse

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